About Sermon Share

Sermon Share is a place for ministers and others responsible for public worship to share pre-recorded sermons based on the weekly lectionary readings.

While we would all prefer every sermon every week to be tailored to the particular context of the local congregation, preparing a sermon is a time-consuming process, and the decision to preach every week is also a decision to not do other things. And perhaps it might even benefit your community to hear voices other than yours! So we offer this resource for you to use when you need to have the time for other things – whether that be annual leave, other ministry commitments, time with the family, or self-care!

Or perhaps you are a congregation without a minister, or in a part-time arrangement, or even unable to be part of a congregation at present, but would like a weekly reflection on the scriptures of the week – sermon share is for you.

It’s sermon ‘share’ because we hope that those preachers who find this a useful resource will offer to join us and volunteer to contribute as part of our team!